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Why should you invest?

The Decreto del Ministero dei Trasporti del 17/08/2017 with its Technical Attachment established the importance and usefulness of “high quality simulators” and their “preparatory function” in the practical preparation of candidates.
The driving simulators SIDA DRIVE 360 ° and SIDA DRIVE 180 ° are Virtual Trainers for driving schools because they allow, before the “compulsory drivings”, the candidates to perform in personalized preparatory exercises and to repeat them for as long as necessary.
Particulary for night and highway driving (in all weather conditions: rain, snow, ice and sun) SIDA DRIVE 360 ° and 180 ° simulators allow the candidates to gain certainty and confidence before the actual driving on the road.

Advantages for the driving school

Advantages for the candidate

It anticipates the preparation for driving on the road

It gives the opportunity of driving immediately without the provisional license.

It improves the effictiveness of the driving lessons

It uses technology appreciated by teenagers

It guarantees the completion of the teenager

It has a dedicated “Virtual Tutor”

It creates a new business area

It allows you to acquire confidence before driving on the road


100% Made in Italy:

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Hardware design

The design of SIDA Drive and of the individual components is 100% Italian; in particular the pedal set has been designed by AutoSoft Multimedia experts and faithfully represents a real pedal set in terms of size and resistance of the stroke. It can be customized thanks to an adjustment register that interfaces with a software for precise calibration.

Native didactic software

SIDA Drive uses a software that was created specifically for teaching aimed at obtaining a driving license and uses an innovative "Action-Effect Preparatory Method" that separates the individual driving movements, showing their direct effect

SIDA AutoSoft Multimedia project

SIDA Drive it's 100% Italian and completely developed by SIDA Autosoft Multimedia thanks to its 35 years experience in the Italian driving schools' didactic.

AI - Use of Artificial Intelligence

The SIDA Drive software has been integrated by the use of Artificial Intelligence applied to traffic generation, which can be customized by setting intensity, percentage of heavy vehicles and the level of aggressiveness in driving.


SIDA DRIVE 360°/ 180°

Unique simulators on the market, compact and perfect to acquire confidence and reaction skills in real traffic.
Simulatore di guida SIDA DRIVE