Driving simulator's reviews

What do the driving school say?

How the simulator became a necessary didactic device for some SIDA driving schools


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Driving simulator's review

Autoscuola Sciamanna
Ascoli Piceno

We saw the first simulators at the Bologna Motor Show, we wanted and want to be an updated driving school and give our students a proper preparation”.
“Here, often and especially in summer, we could not prepare the students to drive in snow and ice conditions, and we want our students to have a 360° training and encourage them to attend a driving school”.
“We try to encourage them to use the simulator before taking the pink paper”, “The simulator has the great advantage that in certain situations, it helps in correcting the candidates automatically, not moving on to the next drivings until they have learned the concept”.

Alessandra tells us that they created a sort of preparatory exercises protocol, they use it not only in the preparatory driving part, but even in the”strengthening” part of some exercises where, the candidates, showed some difficulties.

Alessandra explains that they had the biggest benefits with the people who are no longer young, particullary with foreign people, such as many caregivers; in this case the simulator is a necessary device for them.


It also helps them in saving money, as the cost of an hour on the road is higher than one on the simulator.”.


To the last question, if she would recommend it, Alessandra replied: “Yes, of course, especially if you want to reach the goal of making the students really ready to face the road and to form an awareness of road safety.

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Driving simulator's review

Autoscuola Punto Guida Mirtense
Poggio Mirteto

Franco told us that he bought the simulator both for a matter of image, but above all for the quality of his company, because it allows a better preparation of the candidates.

Franco states that “The simulators must be used but you have to know how to use them to get results”, and tells us about his teaching method that is bringing him great results: “I do the first lessons with the simulator, then we go by car where you can see the gaps of the pupil, to then return to the simulator where we work on the gaps that emerged ‘in itinere’ (= along the way) until they are filled before returning to the road”.

Franco told us that the simulator has opened a new market for him: “There are mature women who already have a driving license, but who for various reasons have not driven for years; they come to us to re-learn and before taking them to drive on the road, they try on the simulator and regain confidence with the maneuvers”.

Franco also uses the simulator to make teenagers learn to speed up their movements: “The movements on the simulator are the same as those that must be performed on a car, so I make teenagers try to go through the turns at speed by making them change gear when cornering, forcing them to perform a series of movements simultaneously and quickly”.

To the question: would you recommend the simulator, Franco answers: “With my eyes closed”.


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