Didactic driving simulator

Didactic driving simulator


SIDA DRIVE it's the first and only didactic simulator with a complete 360° view that makes it simple to simulate both “frontal” and “reverse” driving maneuvers (as required by the Ministry of Transport's Decree of 17/08/2017) in order to have an immersive driving without vestibular problems (nausea, sweating and loss of balance) typical of other wearable vision devices.
SIDA DRIVE 360° it's a SIDA AutoSoft Multimedia srl's completely Italian project protected by a patent application.


SIDA DRIVE 360° is characterised by an envoloping structure made up of 4 65 inches monitors with HDR 10 technology and an Ultra HD 83840x2160px) that offer a complete immersion in the 3D environment, devoloped following the Italian Traffic Laws instructions.

Driving simulator's DIMENSION

SIDA DRIVE 360°: width 172 cm, depth 164 cm, height 210 cm. Total footprint 3m x 3m.


It is the only Italian simulator that allows you to exactly simulate the movements of the body and eyes when reversing as well as in real driving on the road.

didactic simulator


SIDA DRIVE 180° has the same technic features as the SIDA DRIVE 360° simulator combined with compactness, mobility and adaptability. Perfect for those driving schools which have limited spaces.


3 monitors 16:9 with a 5760x1080 pixel resolution. The monitor's position is adjustable both in height and depth.

Driving simulator's DIMENSIONS

SIDA DRIVE 180°: width 140 cm, length 150 cm, height 135 cm. Weight 130 Kg.

Simulatore di guida SIDA DRIVE



SIDA TRAINIER is an advanced solution for the initial and continuous training of professional drivers, which allows you to simulate driving a heavy vehicle in different situations supported by innovative teaching tools.


Electric device made up of:

- Metal support profiled with a fiberglass shield. Metal supports for 65 '' monitors

- Electro-pneumatic seat mounted on a tilting mobile base with safety device.

- 10 bit Personal Computer sensors for the management of motion physics and the return of images onto the screen.

Driving simulator's DIMENSIONS

SIDA Trainer: length 210 cm, width 115 cm, height 180 cm. Weight 500 Kg


simulatore di guida didattico


The driving simulator SIDA Truck Simulator, with a mobile base with 6 degrees of freedom, is a product aimed at large training centers that have large dedicated spaces and wish to have a simulator. With a high technological level, it is the simulator dedicated to the training of professional drivers.

The highly realistic simulation software and the cockpit mounted on a mobile base allow the driver to have a completely immersive experience.

SIDA Truck Simulator is a highly technological tool that is used by the DICAM (Department of Civil, Environmental, Aerospace and Materials Engineering) of the University of Palermo for research activities aimed at increasing the standards of safety, sustainability and transport efficiency.

The trainer can set up several exercises by choosing from numerous types of heavy vehicles, from trucks to tanks and defining the type of load (from solid to liquid) in different weather situations.

It is possible to let the driver experience the physical limits of the vehicle also thanks to the movement of the cabin by simulating folding, rollover, oversteer or understeer.

It is possible to follow the driver's training either by sitting next to him, in the cabin, or remotely thanks to the webcams mounted inside the passenger compartment.

All driver performance data can be recorded and subsequently analyzed.
SIDA DRIVE - simulatore di guida - Simulatore di guida Trainer cabina 2
SIDA DRIVE - simulatore di guida - Simulatore di guida Trainer cabina
SIDA DRIVE - simulatore di guida - Simulatore di guida Trainer base