A highly technological simulation software that represents in a realistic and practical way the conditions of daily traffic it simulates random situations, particular weather conditions and circumstances of unpredictable danger

Native didactic sofware

The native didactic software of SIDA DRIVE is the only one that uses the "Preparatory Action-Effect Method" of teaching. This truly innovative method separates the “single movements” of driving showing the candidates the “direct” effects, explained individually and in detail by professional “Video Tutorials”.

Advanced artificial intelligence

The traffic generated in the simulated streets is the result of a European Collaboration Project for the application of advanced artificial intelligence with the Swiss Research Institute IDSIA (Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence).

Monitoring, reporting and integration

The continuous monitoring of the simulated driving of the candidates allows to identify the deficits and gaps of the novice drivers at an early stage, with an objective and standardized evaluation, thus adopting individual and personalized corrective measures.


The software is already available in German



Preparatory drivings for driving on the road

Module 1

• Accelerator's use
• Brake's use

Module 2

• Clutch's use
• Gearbox introduction

Module 3

• Gearbox's use

Module 4

• Steering wheel's use


This module helps in the learning of the sequence of driving maneuvers that have to be done.

Maneuvers introduction

• Reverse gear:
- straight
- with obstacles
- slalom
- right angle

Front maneuvers

• Parking:
- parallel
- frontal
• U turn

Reverse maneuvers

• Parking:
- L reverse
- S reverse
• U turn

Special starts

• Uphill starts


Preparation for certified drivings

Module A

• Night driving

Module B

• Driving on urban and on secondary suburban roads

Module C

• Suburban

Module C

• Highways


Insightful scenarios of practice available to the candidate.

Urban area

• Via XXV Aprile

Highway / Suburban

• Toll booth - Day
• Toll booth - Night
• Tunnel - Day
• Tunnel – Night

Driving centre

• Safe driving
• Infinite straight
• Sport driving

Driving with bad weather

Strada di montagna - Simulatore di guida


Next Devolopments

The SIDA Autosoft Multimedia Research & Development team is concentrating on the development and implementation of new educational topics among those most requested by SIDA driving schools.